Sweet, sweet music at Sweet Farm

What is Therapeutic Music?
How can it be used with Animals?

Read on to learn the story of rescued farm animals connecting with each other and their environment and finding their voice through sound and song.

Below, you will find therapeutic "sound suggestions" for unique sets of farm animals. These sound prescriptions can be used to support a calming environment, to ease the tension when animals are interacting with volunteers and visitors, or for specifically-suggested therapeutic purposes

The Sweet Farm Story

● Sweet Farm was founded in 2015 by two tech entrepreneurs, Nate Salpeter & Anna Sweet, when they relocated from Seattle.
● While both of them worked in tech for their day jobs, it was their dream to open a farm
that could help teach people about farm animals and help them make choices to lead to
more humane and sustainable lives. They purchased the farm which is 12.5 acres.
● The Old Barn was built in the 1850s as the hay barn of a large dairy farm. During the
early 1900s the farm grew artichokes. And for the last 30 years it was a family horse
farm, and Nate and Anna renovated it to now care for all types of farm animals.
● American documentary photographer and photojournalist Dorothea Lange shot a
photograph of our barn that hangs in the Library of Congress. You can Google it!

Sweet Farm is dedicated to ending the suffering of animals in the food system by
empowering people to lead compassionate and sustainable lives.

through Innovation, Education, and Inspiration.
By encouraging a deeper understanding of what effects our daily food decisions have on animals and our environment.

Sweet Farm partners with tech companies to incubate projects that further the mission of sustainable and efficient agricultural practices.

Sweet Farm offers hands-on agriculture-based programs to provide meaningful
experiences that inspire people to bring greater compassion to the ways they source,
prepare, and eat food.

The Sanctuary:
Our farm is home to over one hundred and thirty animals who serve
as ambassadors for the 72 billion farm animals just like them who are killed for
human consumption each year worldwide.

The Agriculture field:
We grow exclusively open-pollinated and heirloom varieties to
promote seed saving and biodiversity.

Meet The Animal Ambassadors