The Stomp Troopers - A neurodiverse drum Krewe

Harp & Music Therapy @ Sweet Farm for Rescued Animals

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Music, NOW Education & Therapy Portal in progress
+ Neurodivergent Label Fundraising Project

We are launching a fundraising campaign, through the True Colors Foundation. With our first, signed artists to the Music, NOW Neurodiversity-All-Ages Label, we will release a collection of songs and two live concerts (outdoors and virtual) that will be fully and professionally produced and used for future buzz and fundraising for the organization. Be one of the first to contribute to our mission of connecting the music industry to where music and creative support is needed most in communities, all over! Let's prove the value of music by directly providing funds to a project that will be used to provide something that is needed for youth before they are musically education - a home. Through Cindy Lauper's organization, we will connnect to the donors to Music, NOW. Each donor will be provided a free copy of our produced album and an access key code to the Music, NOW portal so they can provide free music therapy and musication where they feel it is neded most. In turn, the True Colors Fund will receive $3,333 that will go toward their mission of soliving homelessness for youth in America. The sessions that turn into the audio and video recording project will be created from an exclusive, intimate view inside music education, music therapy and group sessions in communities of New Olreans, LA and the Bay Area, California. Artists and participants from both states will create original music from the session and events.