PRO Vocals 
Sick Harmonies  Toplining
Production - Coaching


Instruction (Vocals, piano, clarinet, ukulele, songwriting, basic guitar)

Therapeutic Music (Harp, sound & vibration)



Expert songwriter for hire
Coaching & training
Songwriting programs for healing


Live performance
Fundraisers for positive causes
Music programing
and Direction for Community

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Coming soon: Mobile music to the Coastside Community (La Honda, Pescadero, Half Moon Bay, Montara, El Granda, Miramar, Pacifica)

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Coming soon...


(MUSIC, NOW's original artists)

(Where society can learn more about how music helps & heals)

Music, NOW is a nonprofit created to 

connect the music-entertainment industry to the realm of

therapeutic music & expressive arts education- making services possible that improve individual and community wellness.

Our global society can shift if music and entertainment industry professionals start making more positive, thoughtful choices in where the money from the music industry goes.


"The ultimate goal is to provide free music services and put music back into the community through funding them in non-traditional ways - by means of music-content, music-production and music industry-related channels, projects and fundraiser that all support music as a form of healthcare, community connection and a means of wellness - music is meant for more than entertainment and it is our birthright to enjoy it on our own terms." - Samantha Joy Foti 

Music-making and music learning are powerful tools for community empowermentself-care and the treatment of mental health conditions that are affecting our entire global society. 

Music, NOW is here to help support the music industry in
shifting to a transparent, sustainable and honest business model that shows their interest in the lives of others in need and
        using the product of popular music to access life-changing possibilities                                beyond the world of entertainment.

We find ways to encourage a shift in where the energy comes from in supporting the economy of the industry and how the money flows.

We are asking the music industry professionals to see their role in how influential they are and to take responsibility for how deep the messages of the music they produce and distribute is.

Popular music creates positive change, healing and community involvement through the vehicle of the music, whether it is learned, performed, studied or advocated for. 


If the music industry can see the value they are providing to our lives through music beyond the lens of entertainment they will provide more support. The value the music supplies to those in need is not financial, at all - A large amount of music used in music therapy, music healing and music education is from the contemporary, popular realm.

Everyone that consumes contemporary popular music contributes to the economy of music.
The same consumers simultaneously use music for non-entertainment purposes, whether they realize it or not. 
It is time for society to be thoughtfully and artfully educated on how music can be used for mental health, wellness and to promote positive relationships for the entire world society to continue to exist peacefully on this planet.

We want to make music production and holding a space within the music industry possible for all individuals.

We encourage a Neurodiverse Population and the validation of the creative spirit of Neurodiverse individuals.

Just a tiny, baby, minuscule drop
in the ocean of the total pool
of $ $ $ music industry money $ $ $
would make the world of a difference
if used to provide music therapy and music education
where it is needed most.


 We do not have time to let the sun go down on the future of music in therapy, education and community wellness.

The time is now.
Music, NOW!


The Music, NOW Community will serve the general public as a media channel that promotes positive, present content that can be consumed as a form of support for those who are ultimately most affected from the power of music used for non-entertainment purposes.

The first project Music, NOW will create is the Mobile Music Media Hub that will travel as a roaming, virtually-broadcast music therapy-creation studio & education station that creates modern, entertaining content made by participants.
The studio will travel to where it is needed most, providing mobile music education and music therapy with a modern twist.
The sessions are documented and produced by the media hub to provide the
Music, NOW community with audio and video content that is in line with current trends and even integrates popular artist collaborations with individuals participating in education and therapy sessions. 


How does this exchange of support happen?
Through the Music, NOW Marketplace:
Free Recipient of Music Services: Client in need (learning center, private session)
General Supporter: Content Subscription/year 

Learning Supporter: Student Subscription/year (lessons, PDFs, videos, etc)
Artistic Supporter: Contribution % of project
Industry Supporter: Donation - % of deal
Technology Supporter: Donation - Content Subscription/year for employees

Music, NOW is currently:
-Articles of Incorporation have been filed
-We currently have 6 members, including Don Bartholomew (New Orleans Music Legacy) and Christina Tourin (Founder of the International Harp Program)
-We are currently in the process of filing for our EIN to become tax-exempt so we can apply for grants and funding. 

Interested in music lessons or music therapy that travels to you? Click on the smiley to email me!